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Pain Management Clinic in Hamilton, NJ

All of us at interventional pain management associates are truly passionate about easing the suffering of our patients. Our goal is recovery for the whole person and a return to a meaningful and productive life.

Our Treatment Approach

Pain management services in Hamilton, NJ

We understand that pain is more effectively treated when multiple approaches are combined. Our comprehensive approach to treating chronic pain does not just utilize interventional pain management modalities, such as injections and advanced surgical implants, but also physical therapy, alternative therapies, and medication management.

We treat a wide range of painful conditions with a very small footprint on the patient’s back. Depending on the severity of your condition, you can return to work within a day to a week.


• Obtaining a thorough history and physical examination to reach a precise diagnosis and the exact origin of your pain

• Using the least invasive spinal procedure that will relieve your pain quickly

• Providing effective follow-up to ensure a fast recovery

• Ensuring that you remain fit so that you can enjoy long-term relief from back pain

Who do we treat?

We help patients who need relief from various degrees of the neck, back as well as joint-related pain.  We provide pain management services for mild, moderate and severe pain, whether it is acute or chronic. We also treat patients who have different spine-related conditions, including:

• Senior patients with conditions caused by aging and natural degeneration

• Patients with pain after trauma secondary to a fall or motor vehicle accident

• Athletes who have injured their joints or spine during sports or training


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  • Lynn S, Allentown
    Dr. Ibrahim has treated me for more than ten years and I can honestly say that beyond being kind and compassionate, he is an extraordinarily skilled physician. He is a consummate professional who takes time to explain his treatment plan and patiently answers questions and/or concerns. His staff is friendly and very competent. I am blessed to have Dr. I as my pain management physician and recommend him without reservation.
    Lynn S, Allentown
  • T. Z. Ewing
    Probably one of the few doctors left, who actually cares for the patient rather than the payment. Dr Ibrahim is very thorough and attentive to our issues, and is very personable. He takes time to understand your medical history and any new issues.
    T. Z. Ewing
  • Cathy S, Princeton
    I was referred to Dr. Ibrahim by a fellow coworker after a recent car accident. I couldn't have gotten better treatment anywhere else. He listens to your concerns, does what's needed and genuinely cares about your progress and healing. I continue to see him and recommend him to everyone I encounter.
    Cathy S, Princeton

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